Renoise was formed over decade ago when Mikko got bored playing alone. For the other guitar Mikko asked Pekka, who then asked his cousin Tero to take care of the bass.

The lack of a drummer bothered the band for a while, until the guys found Eerik from a band play in high school and decided to ask him to join. Now with a full group of four, the quartet started to concentrate in practicing and song making without a hurry. When year 2005 came the band felt like they were ready to perform for a live audience.

First gig was at Klubi, Tampere 17th of May 2005 in a theatre/band evening called the "Rock Royale Rock Show" (put a by Chris with his former band Rock Royale).

After their first gig, Renoise recorded a demo and by that it was time to take a vacation for the summer. 2005 Renoise spent lots of time at festivals, partying and travelling around in the summer of Finland. At the end of 2005 Mikko wanted to concentrate more on the vocals, and Tero got more interested in playing guitar, so Mikko handed out his guitar to Tero. The guys asked their friend Chris to join the band. By making new songs Renoise became in need of a keyboard player. That place was filled in by Saku, who had been mixing couple of Renoises gigs. Renoise now concentrated only in practicing and working on their live performance.

After many gigs and few member changes Renoise decided to take a long break at the end of 2009. Now after almost two years Renoise is back in business and keeps on going with its first original four members. See you at the stages!

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